To Do App

To do app was designed by digital pratix team and we create an app that serves anyone to orginizing the life with planning.

Categories Feature helps to tidy all doing things of a user.

Then take notes in there with category and urgency level.

This application designed and prepared with language of Turkish.

To do application category page designed by digital pratix
To do application adding category page designed by digital pratix. A dialog box helps user to adding.
New Add Category
To do application adding notes page designed by digital pratix. A new page for adding notes. Priority, Main part, Category is parts for to do list.
New Note

This app is just one of many application that created and designed by Digital Pratix. You can visit our other projects via this link.

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f you reached this article you probably are not that good with daily planning, right? Like many of us. It’s normal. We haven’t born with the ability to plan, be organized neither with the gift of productivity. It’s all about creating the habit of doing things that improve our efficiency. To do app helps you while daily planning.

So let’s take a look at the importance of daily planning and how to apply it.

Why is daily planning so important?

Introducing daily planning into your routine is an easy – but essential – step to create balance in your life: it allows you to clearly separate the time you spend working and the time you have for everything else (this is essentially important if you work from home, these lines tend to get a little blurry).

Here are a few reasons why you should consider introducing some planning into your life sooner rather than later:

  1. It can make your life a lot less stressful: Knowing what to expect from the day ahead of you (and having an action plan to go through it all) considerably reduces the amount of stress for the next day;
  2. This allows you to evaluate yourself: Having plans allow you to analyze whether you’re sticking to them, evaluating your own ability to stay – or not – on schedule;
  3. It helps you be prepared: You can’t predict the obstacles that may occur, but part of your planning routine can be having a contingency plan for an emergency or unexpected situations – it’ll help avoid panicking. [1]


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