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Mobile app / mobile application development process and development cycle

Application Development Cycle

STEP 1 Idea & Strategy

As trite as it sounds, all great apps began as ideas.

You want your brain to instinctively ask “Why do we do things this way?” or “Is there a better way to solve this problem?” If you can identify a problem or market inefficiency, you are half way to your idea!

Once you have an idea, you need to plan for your app’s success. Our cost effective strategy helps you to achieve

what you want and when you want!


STEP 2 UI / UX Design

Information architecture is the process in which you decide what data and functionality needs to be presented within your app and how that data and functionality is organized.

Information architecture is the process in which you decide what data and functionality needs to be presented within your app and how that data and functionality is organized.

UI / UX design for mobile application and mock up is preferred to be designed before mobile app coding and deploying

STEP 3 Development & Iteration

Sound mobile app development is an iterative process. You have likely heard the term “sprints” or “agile methodology”.

This basically means that you break up all development work into smaller milestones and build your app in a series of cycles.
Each cycle will include planning, development, testing, and review.


Team work and planning is highly important while android mobile app developing process.

The planning phase of a sprint involves dividing up the list of tasks to be implemented during the current iteration.

Each task needs clearly defined requirements.

Once these requirements are understood by developers, they will often estimate the time needed to complete each task, so that the tasks can be evenly distributed to ensure a balanced workload during the sprint.

Our Developers also begin planning their approach to solving their assigned problems during this phase.
Our Skilled software developers find ways to intelligently reuse code throughout an application.
This is especially important for implementing styles and shared functionality.


During the development phase our development team will begin implementing the styles and functionality of your app.
As they are completed, they are assigned back to a project manager or QA tester for review.


Most testing should be performed by non-developers or at least people who are not your app’s primary developer.
This will help ensure a more genuine testing experience. There are several types of testing that should occur during each sprint. Our testing process follows this step of testing part.

The best way to test the mobile usability is to perform remote user testing. This will allow you to get feedback from remote users after they have already used your product. After this, the app development team will move on with quality assurance and get rid of any ‘bugs’ they may meet. Hence, user testing is a great way to see through your users’ eyes and feel like they do while they are actually using your application.


At the end of each sprint talk with each of the stakeholders and determine how the sprint went.
If there were difficulties, try to eliminate similar issues from future sprints. If things went well in one area, try to apply them elsewhere.

Our responsibility of mobile app developing process is informing the customers of all parts of this process.

STEP 4 Deployment

Mobile App Deployement

There are two main components to deploying your mobile app into the world.

The first involves deploying your web server (API) into a production environment that is scalable.
The second is deploying your app to the Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

We can submit the mobile application directly to you as an apk file or we deploy the Google Play Store directly.

We also offer maintanance assistance for you directly minumum 1 month. If you want to use this service your app can also follows the current technology.[1]

STEP 5 Review and Improvement

It would be incredibly naive to think that the mobile app development process ends when the app is shipped. Go look at any even moderately popular apps and you will see a long history of app updates.

The mobile usability is the deciding factor for the success of an app. When talking about successful mobile application, remember that User Experience plays a critical part in your strategy. The app launch is not only about designing but also about building a successful and useful experience for your end users.

Therefore we can assist you and your company to improve for further techs and add supportive technologies into that.

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